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The Company

The symbolic meaning of our brand is an embodiment of strength, wisdom and loyalty, combined with precision, reliability and quality of our company’s heritage.

These strengths are what we are currently offering to our clients in Europe, and specifically to the German speaking countries in Europe such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As an outsourced contact centre service provider, we offer flexible outsourcing services to clients across various business segments.

Our sales support services include various means to provide relevant strategic information to the sales teams of our clients, hereby utilising various channels, such as telephonic research, managing the respective clients’ website, social media campaigns, email campaigns and data mining, all in all allowing us to compile customer insights that are invaluable to our clients.

We utilise the advantages of our location in South Africa to service our clients that are in the same or similar time zone as we are. Additionally, the cost efficiencies achieved and maintained here in South Africa are passed through to our clients who appreciate our price-competitive, high quality services.

With the arrival of fibre-networks in South Africa our web-based communication systems allow us to connect even better with our clients and with their potential and current customers, providing effortlessly our services in their preferred language.


The uniqueness of our services portfolio is that it is an integrated complete sales-support solution. However, our clients’ can also choose to use individual service components, add new ones on a later stage or take out service components that are not desired anymore.


As a fast-growing company, we are continuously looking for new team members.
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Elephant Communication International (Pty) Ltd

Postal: 7 Lonsdale Way, Lonsdale Building,
Pinelands, Cape Town 7405

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